Cylinders for fire fighting applications

Faber Industrie has developed a full range of Cylinders for all main application in Fire-Fighting applications such as Suppression Systems. Our products satisfy customers’ safety systems applications from buildings to data centres, from industrial plants up to nuclear plants. Working pressure ranging from 66 to 550 bar and water capacities from 1 to 180 litre. We manufacture to various different approvals e.g. CE (PED), TPED (portable for EU), UN DOT (North America), EAC (Russia and Eurasian confederation), DNV-GL, LR, RINA and other main international approvals

Main product segments for Fire Suppression are:

IG (Inert Gases)
High pressure gases pure or in mixture form – like nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide – are mostly used at 200 or 300 bar in total flooding systems. The aim is to reduce Oxygen concertation and stop any fire propagation.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
Carbon dioxide systems add up a refrigerating effect due to phase change from liquid to gas. The fluid is usually stored in cylinders with test pressure PH 250 bar.

CA (Clean Agents)
Clean agents contain an electrically non-conducting fire extinguishing gas that does not leave a residue upon evaporation. There are many proprietary mixtures of chemical fluids – like HFC (hydro-fluor-carbons) – that have refrigerating effects and are capable to intercept the chemical reaction of combustion, reducing and stopping the fire after cooling down the area. Depending on fluid and system configuration the cylinders may have working pressure PW from 42 to 166 bar

WM (Water mist)
High pressure water mist is a relatively new concept of protection systems that is gathering success in the past 10 years. A high pressure gas like nitrogen is used to create very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by: cooling, displacing oxygen by evaporation and attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets themselves creating water vapour mixed with inert gas. These systems are very scalable and usually present cylinders with nitrogen at 200 or 300 bar, pressure reducers and cylinders or tanks with water pressurised at 50 to 100 bar. Size may vary from 5 to 80 litre for nitrogen and 14 to 180 litre for water, depending on the application.

Examples of typical products for each segment are as follows
– IG water capacity 80-140 litre working pressure 300 bar
– CO2 water capacity 67,5 and 80 litre, test pressure 250 bar
– CA 80-140-180 litre 66/70 bar, 150 litre 100 bar
– WM 50 litre 300 bar nitrogen, 80 litre 100 bar for water

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Faber production covers all Cylinder Types:
Type 1 Steel¹ Cylinders
Type 2 Steel¹/Fibre Composite Cylinders
Type 3 Steel¹ & Aluminum¹/Fibre Composite Cylinders
Type 4 Full Composite Cylinders

¹ Faber Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, from 100% Seamless Steel & Aluminum

Faber production range:
from 1 to 700 litre water capacity
from 80 to 660 mm diameter
up to 1100 bar Working Pressure


Faber is leader in the production of seamless steel and composite cylinders.
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