Faber Industrie S.p.A. - General Terms and Contitions of Sale

You find here our General Terms and Conditions of sales.Please print, sign each page and then send them back to us.

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1.1 The following definitions are used hereinafter in this document:
– “Buyer” or “Customer” refers to the person, firm or company the purchase order is received from;
– “General Conditions” refers to this document, containing the general terms and conditions of sale of Faber Industrie S.p.A.;
– “Operating Instructions” refers to the instructions provided by the Seller for handling, installation, use, maintenance and periodic inspection of the Products, that complete the set of contractual documents in force between the Seller and the Buyer;
– “Parties” refers to the Seller and the Buyer together;
– “Products” refers to any and all goods, products and components sold by Faber Industrie S.p.A.;
– “Seller” or “Faber” refers to Faber Industrie S.p.A., with its registered office in Via dell’Industria n. 64, 33043 – Cividale del Friuli (UD), Italy.
1.2 These General Conditions shall apply to any and all supply of Products that will be executed to any Buyer by Faber, even if these General Conditions are not expressly referred to, mentioned or explicitly accepted by the Buyer from time to time.
1.3 Diverging agreements shall be binding on Faber only upon prior written acceptance by an authorized agent of the Seller and with respect to a specific transaction only. In any case, even if inconsistent provisions are agreed upon, these General Conditions shall apply for the parts not expressly disregarded.
1.4 Any terms that may now or in the future appear on Buyer’s forms or communication, even if mentioned or included in orders or in any other document sent to the Seller, shall be rejected without further action of Faber and will not be binding on the Seller. No conduct of Faber shall be interpreted or used in order to express its tacit acceptance to the Customer’s general conditions of contract.
1.5 Terms in these General Conditions, the purchase order and the Order Confirmation (as defined hereinafter) and the Operating Instructions will constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the Products being sold and shall supersede all prior proposals, negotiations and communications, oral or written, between the Parties regarding the same.
1.6 The Seller reserves the right to change, integrate or vary the General Conditions, by including such variations in the quotations or in any other written correspondence sent to the Customer.
1.7 Except as set forth to the contrary herein, any right or remedy of the Seller will be cumulative and without prejudice to any other right or remedy, whether contained herein or not.

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