New Type 4

Faber's new Type 4 Technology from Polyamide blow-molded liners to set a new State of the Art in Hydrogen cylinders

October 19, 20223 Minutes

It’s official.
It is time to go to market, after more than 2 years of fruitful co-development and testing between Faber Cylinders (Faber Industrie) and Kautex Maschinenbau to design and prototype the most advanced #liners for #hydrogentanks. Faber has ordered, based on exclusive terms, the 1st tailored-made Kautex machinery and equipment solution to start mass production by the beginning of 2024 at the very latest. The production target will address mainly the hydrogen mobility, virtual pipeline and energy storage market. It’s a breakthrough for both companies and for the European market as well as other hydrogen-driven regions, just right in time to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand from the user base. “The main goal of the project”, comments Sergio Vinci, Managing Director and COO of the Company, “was to design a liner with extremely low level of permeation. It has been possible by using a specific grade of polyamide materials combined with the #blowmolding technology. In fact, commonly used PE materials do not ensure satisfactory results in this regard. Moreover, blow molding technology turned out to be the most suitable technology to process PA materials and achieve process and production control”. Kautex CEO and CSO, Hartkämper Thomas, adds: “It’s our vision to create leading change and added value together with our customers and partners (#Beone culture) by sustainable innovations. This joint development with Faber Cylinders is a great example of what we mean by that. Via polymer science, product prototyping, sampling and testing we have implemented this challenging project and succeeded thanks to the great teamwork of Faber and Kautex experts on different organizational levels. Trust in each other’s abilities forms the basis for the next steps of our cooperation. I am looking forward to it”.Manufacturing

Manufacturing since 1972, Faber has grown rapidly to become the world’s leader in the production of cylinders (Types 1, 2, 3 & 4) and systems for the storage of High-Pressure Gases for the Clean Energy (CNG and H2), Industrial and Air Breathing sectors. Faber has earned the best reputation for its high standards of quality and for its capability to comply with the most stringent specifications set down by International Bodies, Local Authorities and its customers.